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Good night everyone!
It’s friday~ hope you’ll all have an amazing day!

What is this lovely bandwagon!? I wanna do it too!

Ohh it’s when anons started sending me really nice Kaneki fanfics with 2-3 sentences. They were all wonderful it made my day tbh :’D



Happy birthday to the queen!  

Hi! um, I wanted to add like a page to my blog for my art and idk how D: kinda like how you've done for your graphics... if that makes sense.

It’ll be just fine if you put /tagged/your-desired-tag in the blog link without having to create a page for it (ofc your art must be uniformly tagged with your desired tag for it to appear)

but if you want like a navigation page, you can click add a page (standard layout), type the tags and then insert the links (/tagged/your-desired-tag). 

Make Me Choose
kouhei-yamai asked: zoro or law?

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I'M TEMPTED TO SAY WHO I AM (I don't do fanfics... yet) You flushed bright red and curled even further in on yourself, grumbling and burying your burning face into the duvet, an embarrassed whining noise coming from the muffling covers. Kaneki cackled and carded his fingers through your exposed hair, massaging your scalp in a soothing motion. "Relax, yeah?" he said between giggles and you could feel him stretch out tired muscles beneath you, his back arching a little with a pleased hum.

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